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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Celebrate National Running Day 2015!


How to get and/or stay motivated is a question we are frequently asked. Well, there really is no concrete answer but we know that surrounding yourself with others that have similar goals is definitely great motivation. That's precisely why we love Moms RUN This Town. As many of you may know, Scott and I are not big "runners". Yes, we run, but usually it's short distances and only a few times per week. We prefer hiking as our cardio and we definitely do that long distances! However; a good friend of mine (we actually worked together in high school) is the founder of the FREE running club Moms RUN This Town. No, you don’t have to have kids to be a part of it either! Since it is National Running Day and I know we have a lot of runners out there I wanted to share her information with you. Hopefully you can find a chapter near your or even start one! We have a lot of exciting things we are working on together that will be releasing soon!

We know you will love Pam and the whole MRTT community just like we do! If you need more convincing, read this this touching post Pam wrote about body image.

By the way, this was her transformation on our She Sweats 12-Week Transformation and what led to us working together to create the 6-Week Run Recovery and 12-Week Run Builder.


Today (June 3rd) is National Running Day and we want YOU to participate with us! Run and/or walk your choice of distance, take a picture and tag us! We might just pick a winner! Make sure you use the hashtags #MRTT and #HeandSheEatClean. You can find MRTT on Facebook and Instagram (@momsrunthistown). You can find us on Facebook and Instagram (@heandsheeatclean) too! If you are reading this after National Running Day you can still participate (see below).


Pam usually holds two virtual races per year and there is still time for you to enter the Summer Virtual! It’s a great way to stay motivated and get involved with a great group of people! It’s FREE unless you want a metal (which I HIGHLY suggest). Best of all, you do it at your own pace! You have from  August 1, 2015 – August 31, 2015 to run or walk a 5k, 10k or Half Marathon.  You can do it all at once or spread it out!

She is the most creative person I know and her attention to detail is amazing. I was involved in her Winter Virtual and even had a booth at the expo. It’s no surprise that all of the ladies love her! From the clothing to the metals - no detail is missed! Seriously, how cool is this metal?!

Find more information about the Summer Virtual here. You can also read about MRTT's Couch to 5k program here.


Have you heard of those apps that donate money to a charity based on how much you run? Well there's a new app that does something similar that will benefit Moms RUN This Town! MRTT is a FREE running club so why not support the organization who supports so many awesome runners? It doesn't cost you anything!


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