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Friday, May 29, 2015

Transform Your Backyard Into A Healthy Lifestyle Oasis + Food Prep Ideas – Grilling Style!


Summertime is FINALLY here! It’s time for BBQs, picnics, pool parties, and just having an overall great time outside! When we were in Kohl’s the other day looking to replace some of our grilling accessories we were amazed at how many outdoor living items they have! The idea came to me to share with you how you can transform your patio or outdoor area into a Healthy Lifestyle Oasis on a budget!

Instead of just sitting in the backyard use that time to get the whole family involved in a friendly competition! Below are some of our favorite ”tried and true” backyard games to keep everyone moving:

Fun5 Combo Game Set (2 poles, net, 2 rackets, flying disc, volleyball, mini air pump & accessories)

On the flip side, you also need to include rest days! You might think the #MakeYourMove campaign is strictly just moving more but it’s actually about an overall healthy lifestyle…which includes rest days! We always talk about how important it is to incorporate exercise into your daily routine but it’s just as important to also incorporate 1-2 rest days per week. Your body needs to recover! We love to lay in our hammocks but saw thesechairs in Kohl’s and think they belong on our patio too! Rest days are great days to just spend time relaxing in the backyard!

Not only can you use your backyard to get in extra movement and use the same space to relax, but our favorite way to use our outdoor space is to GRILL! It’s a great idea to combine your outdoor entertaining with your food prep! Grilling is a very fast and efficient way to prepare food in advance. Once you have a grill you are pretty much good to go! Below are some of our recipes that are perfect for the grill!

How to you plan to #MakeYourMove over the summer?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Kohl's.


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