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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Booty Focused Cardio Training


Looking for ways to lift your tush or build a booty? We won't lie - it ISN'T easy but it can be done! With proper weight training (try our She Sweats 12-Week Transformation) and "Booty Focused" cardio training you can achieve that backside you are looking for! Instead of using running as your only cardio try one of the following forms of cardio that will help you build your booty.

Stair Climber or Stair Stepper - Hop on this machine and don't hold on! Work your way up - can only do 5 minutes at first? No problem! Record your stats and try for longer next time.

Walk or Jog Uphill - Want to get your cardio in outside? Instead of looking for a flat place to run try out a hilly section and/or do hill sprints. Run as fast as you can up the hill and time yourself. Try to beat your best time next chance you get. I bet you might even start looking and craving for hills to sprint up! {No joke!}

Inline on Treadmill - Bad weather outside? No problem! Hop on your treadmill and set the incline as high as you can without holding on! Try the incline at 6-15% and speed at 2.6-3.2 MPH. Remember, record what you were able to accomplish and keep building on that.

It's important that you do "Booty Focused" Cardio Training {when incorporating cardio} but it's also very important to not overlook the importance of weight training!

Be sure to check out some of our best cardio routines here. Which is your favorite?

- Whitney

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