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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Earn Your Steps - 5 Tips to Get More Steps Every Day


As you know by now, we are avid hikers and love being outside. We aren't a couple who boxes ourselves into the gym each day, we believe staying fit and healthy is so much more than that! Ever since we received our Garmin vívofit in the mail Scott hasn't taken his off and I've only removed mine for one day because I had a photo shoot. It definitely helps us stay on track with our fitness goals and brings some friendly competition into our days. We are always trying to earn as many steps as we can. Hiking is just one of the ways we earn our steps. We also like to walk as much as possible and throw a little running in there too! There is no wrong way to earn your steps...find what you love and go out there and do it!

Our Garmin vívofit has been with us many places since we received it. Other than the obvious home and gym steps, it has also been to with us on a trail run on News Years Day where we had over 10,000 steps by 2 PM!

It has also been to Table Rock State Park in SC where Scott hiked and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We only live about 2.5 hours from GSMNP but for some reason we always go somewhere else hiking. We decided to try something new so we woke up early last Saturday (around 5 AM) to make the drive. We had two hikes planned and we were able to finish both of them. We hiked 13 miles but sometimes I think it would be more accurately described as ice skating! I'm so glad we had our Ice Trekkers because most people weren't even able to make it around the ice. The night before we left we took a trip to Whole Foods Market to have our weekly "meeting" and to grab some supplies (food) for our hike. We packed spicy Thai trail mix, cashews, protein bars, and fruit.

Since we want everyone to get in as many steps as possible each day we've put together our top tips so that maybe a few of them will hit home with you and you can start racking up your own steps!

5 Tips to Get More Steps Every Day:
  1. Wear a tracker like the Garmin vívofit - it's really eye-opening to see how many steps you AREN'T taking some days! Plus, when you are really close to that next big number it motivates you to get up and moving!
  2. We know every one tries to show off just how strong they are when it comes to taking the groceries in...but do NOT get all the groceries in one trip! Take more steps by unloading just a few at a time.
  3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  4. Keep the things you need often out of arms reach so you actually have to stand up and walk to get them (i.e. your phone, keys, glasses, etc.)
  5. Park at the end of the parking lot
How do you earn your steps? What are some tips you would add to this list to help others?

P.S. We will be doing a giveaway for a Whole Foods Market gift card and a Garmin vívofit so stay tuned for the rest of our series in the #PathToFit posts!

This post is sponsored by Whole Foods Market and Garmin. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. I got my Vivofit for Christmas and I couldn't agree more about seeing how many steps you AREN'T taking some days. I work a desk job so I try my hardest to get up and walk around as much as possible. If I have a question for a coworker I walk to their office now instead of calling or e-mailing them. It's been a great gadget for me!

    1. Hi Whitney!

      Exactly, I couldn't stand it when people would ask someone to get the fax or some other supplies for them - get up and get it! It's a great habit to get in - good job!

  2. I definitely agree that wearing a fitness tracker is a huge motivator to get your steps in! Another idea is to make a rule that you can't sit down until after a certain time! It forces you to get things done around the house that you may otherwise save for another day due to fatigue!

    1. Great tip Stacy! Thanks for leaving a comment! :-)

  3. Stacy, that's been a huge help for me these past few weeks. I found myself anxious to get home and get in my chair to watch tv for hours. Now I make myself find something to do around the house - which helps me get in my steps - and if i'm not where i want to be when i get ready to stop for the evening, i walk in place in front of the tv until i reach goal!


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