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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Clean Eat Recipe: Chocolate Chip Pancakes


Um... heck, yes! It was "Brinner" time at the Staples household a few nights ago because I was just simply too exhausted to make a real meal and we decided to take this recipe for a spin. Oh boy! We felt like we were eating cookies for dinner! Bryce actually screamed for more "cookies" at one point during our meal. It's not everyday, especially in our household, that you get Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and certainly not for dinner!

Eat these sparingly if you are trying to fit them into your macro ratios, but I certainly recommend that you try this gluten free goodness. Your kids will LOVE them and those cravings - they will be gone in an instant. Unless, of course, you start craving these pancakes. 

Eat Clean, Paleo Chocolate Chip Pancakes

1 c organic, 2% milk OR 1 c almond milk OR 1 c coconut milk
1/4 c blanched almond flour or almond meal
1/2 c coconut flour
1/2 c arrowroot powder
1 tsp baking soda
4 eggs, yolk and egg white
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
2 tbsp melted, unrefined coconut oil
2 tbsp raw honey
3 tbsp Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips
Additional coconut oil or olive oil spray to prevent sticking in pan (optional)

1. Combine the first 8 ingredients using an electric mixer. Mix thoroughly.
2. Fold in chocolate chips using a spatula.
3. OPTIONAL: Spray or lightly coat pan with coconut or olive oil to prevent sticking. 
4. Proceed as you would to cook pancakes.

Recipe Yield: Approximately 8, 5-6" pancakes

Hope you LOVE them as much as we did!


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