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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How do you Measure Your Best?


People always tell you to do your best - your parents said it, your teachers said it, your friends said it. We tell our friends and our children. It's encouraging, right? But how do you know when we are really doing our best?

Here's the thing: We are often our worst enemy. We try our hardest only to measure that effort to our own standard and fall short of the outrageous standard we created for ourselves. That's when we fail or simply give up because trying to reach our bogus ideal isn't feasible. It's why diets often fail. It's why we stop exercising after one week because we just can't work to the point we think we should. 

It's why we don't reach a goal that we think is really important to us. We are, in fact, our worst enemy. 

So, how do we actually measure what our best is? It all starts with goal setting. We have written many posts on it (read here, here, here and here), but before you commit to a change in your life, take a moment to walk through the steps you will have to accomplish to make that change. Even if it's taking part in an event - it's a change from your norm. 

Mentally or Physically Map out the Steps to Meeting Your Ultimate Life Change/Task/Goal

Set Small Goals Pertaining to Each Step

Determine a Reward Structure to Reinforce Completion of Each or a Few Steps at a Time

Reach Your Ultimate Goal and Do your Best!



  1. Love these tips! It's so important to set goals, especially realistic ones. Whenever I want to change something (exercise or other habits), I am an all or nothing kind of girl. But I've realized that smaller, manageable steps leads to lasting habits and change.

    1. We couldn't agree more Lindsey! Thanks for sharing!

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