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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chili Smothered Baked Sweet Potatoes


So you made a pot of chili, but now the family isn't sure if they can eat chili more than one night this week, right? Well no problem! They (and you) don't have to feel like left-overs are drab! Make these Chili Smothered Baked Sweet Potatoes and they will be asking you to make chili just so they can have these babies!

Here's how you make them:
1. Grab your favorite chili recipes, or one of ours:
   - Chicken Chili
   - Low Carb Chicken Chili
   - Bison Chili
   - Southwest Style Bison Chili with Quinoa

2. Bake sweet potatoes in the oven (they are sweetest this way, but the microwave will work if you are in a pinch!). Here's a tutorial on the Restaurant Style Baked Sweet Potato.

3. Top your sweet potato with warm chili and add your favorite toppings. Some suggestions:
   - Organic Shredded Cheese
   - Chopped Green Onions or Chives
   - Dollop of Greek Yogurt (healthier alternative to Sour Cream)
   - Sliced Jalapenos

4. Enjoy!



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