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Monday, July 7, 2014

Thigh Gaps, Six Packs and "Barbie" Bodies


Thigh Gaps, Six Packs and "Barbie" Bodies. Out of all of those, the six pack is the most attainable, but for 99% of us, it's just not realistic. So WHY do we put so much pressure on ourselves? 

Here's a few things to note: 
Trends are trends. Why do you think everyone jumped on the bandwagon of the "thigh gap?" It's trendy and was mainly popular among the younger crowd (as if any of us are "old" - we are not, but I mean high schoolers, people!) who number one, haven't been riddled with female hormonal issues, the aging process and the thought of having babies, and number two, follow pop culture and celebrities like they are their best friends. Whatever way you slice it, the thigh gap REALLY isn't attainable for 99.9% of us and some might even argue that it's not that attractive. So why are we fascinated by it?

The media turns heads and influences our minds. Do you have a personal graphic artist who airbrushes your pictures? We didn't think so! Neither do we (not even when we get photoshoots done, except for the occasional blemish here or there)! So why do we think for one minute that the women in these magazine advertisements, television commercials and movies really look like that? Because we buy into the fantasy!?! Why?!? Media influence! DON'T fall victim! The media has an opportunity to pump someone or something up and dump it like a hot potato five seconds later.

Let's STOP wishing we were our favorite doll from our past and start focusing on the person we ARE and the body we were given. If you have a surgical scar - embrace it. You can't change it! Don't hate it. If you are doing everything you know how to do, including eating clean, working out and living a healthy lifestyle but your waist size doesn't budge on the tape measure, love every inch of it! You work for the body have - yes, you want to improve it, but ultimately, you are YOU! Don't look to change it - embrace it! 

Reaching for the stars and constantly seeking better for yourself should be one of your top priorities, but be REALISTIC! Thigh gaps, 6-packs and "Barbie" bodies just aren't realistic for most of us!  

How do you work for the body you have?




  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! We all need to hear those things from time to time!

  2. The media will never get it right between what's trendy and what's healthy and your post exemplifies that. Being healthy and feeling strong should be priorities and not thigh gaps or the bikini bridge (I think that's the term used to describe how your hips jut when you're lying down in a bikini... ) and I do that with Taekwondo training.

    1. Totally agree Christiana! I just wish we could start a movement for healthy vs. unrealistic!

  3. I'm trying to embrace my post baby body. Still have weight to lose, but my body went through a lot of stress to create a beautiful miracle and it's going to take hard work to get it back skinny again!


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