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Thursday, July 24, 2014

FREE Running Apps You Need to Have on Your Phone


Technology has changed our lives immensely, including how we workout. It's easier than ever to track your progress and see instant results before, during and after your workouts. You can incorporate your favorite tunes while you run and track your mileage all in the same mobile phone app with the push of a few buttons.

Try out some of our favorite, no-cost running and cardio apps for your next workout!

Runtastic is SUPER cool! With the release of their updated version, Runtastic allows you to control your music from their app, whether you are using Google Play, Pandora, Spotify or other supported streaming service), while of course, mapping your run and measuring your mileage and pace. Runtastic goes a little further and even offers a live tracking and cheering, which enables those you specify to see your location. I LOVE this for safety reasons! You can even set the app to "coach" you along your run or workout.
Availability: Apple Store/iPhone, Android Market/Google Play, Windows Phone and Blackberry App World

Run With Map My Run is super simple to use and does basic functions like tracking route, mileage and pace, while also tracking nutrition, and food. Run With Map My Run offers the ability to try out new routes others have shared (with their times, so you can try to "race" against their time), as well as social media integration for sharing purposes.
Availability: Apple Store/iPhone, Android Market/Google Play, and Blackberry App World

Runkeeper is a tried and true running app! I'm not sure if out of anyone that I have ever mentioned it to, they hadn't heard about it or even used it. Back when I never ran (and I mean never), I still had it on my phone! It's so easy to use and the tracking capabilities are spot on and easy to follow, especially if you want to view your progress and stats. They even store them online!
Availability: Apple Store/iPhone, Android Market/Google Play

The Endomondo Sports Tracker is a really robust app! Of course it does all the necessary tracking functions like your mileage, pace, route, while offering a few more features you can't find in every running app. It allows you to set a workout goal for yourself and you are ever-so-nicely guided through that goal by your app audio "coach" throughout your workout. Pretty cool, huh? It's got the social aspect down too - you can send and receive "pep" talks (audio) to your friends and comment on their workouts directly from the news feed.
Availability: Apple Store/iPhone, Android Market/Google Play, and Blackberry App World

  Need a little extra help with incorporating strength training with your runs? Don't want to think about your workouts? Let us be your personal trainers with our She Sweats 12-week Run Builder and increase your mile time. It guides your workout each day and has everything you need! Find out more!

Do you have a favorite run app? What is it? We want to know!

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