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Thursday, June 5, 2014

5 Simple Tips to Learn to Love Lifting Weights

5 Simple Tips to Learn to Love Lifting Weights

I’ve heard girls in the gym saying, “I’m not in to lifting weights. I’m just not a weightlifter. I’m not one of those girls!” I guess it’s entirely possible to really not like to lift weights. Hey! It’s even entirely possible to hate working out at all. However, it’s just an excuse! An excuse because you may not know how to lift properly. An excuse because you may feel self-conscious, or even an excuse not to have to set foot in the weight area because you can’t convince your girlfriend to go with you. Let’s get over our excuses and get ready to make changes in your body you never thought possible. Cardio, cardio, cardio is NOT the answer! Here are five simple tips that will change your mindset!

5 Simple Tips to Learn to Love Lifting Weights

1.   Make Your Workout a Priority. This may be easier said than done, but making your workout, even if it is cardio, a priority will change your mind set about it.  Think about your workouts ahead of time, plan them out and make the most out of the time you have for your workouts. Consider it a job you WANT to do!

2.   Become Friends with Other “Weightlifters”. We aren’t necessarily advocating that you run up to the first woman (or man) that you see in the weight section of your gym, but try to make friends with those you see time and time again. Ask them to help spot you or just simply start saying, “hey!” If you need help with proper form for an exercise, they may be able to help! (Note: Be sure that their form is correct and they use safe lifting practices prior to asking them.) If you see someone who looks like you want to look, make friends with them too!

3.  Track Your Progress. Seeing yourself succeed in print SO much more gratifying than guessing your progressions. Buy a notebook or a workout log and write down your exercises, the weight that you are lifting and how you feel with your workouts. After you do the same workout a few times, go back and look at where you started – your results will fuel you to keep going and even work harder! Need a plan? Try one of our She Sweats Workout Plans!

4.  Get Help from a Personal Trainer. You might have to spend a little money with this step, but if you are up front with the personal trainer about your needs, you won’t have to pay them more than once or twice (unless you want to).  Hire them to run you through an upper or lower body workout, or just ask them to run through 6-8 exercises for each muscle group.

5.  Buy New Workout Clothes. This might sound a little frivolous, but it’s just like a brand new dress. When you love what you are wearing, you feel better about yourself and are have more confidence in your actions.

How did you learn to love lifting weights?


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  1. I attend BodyPump by Les Mills and since it's put to music and I follow the instructor, it helps me stay motivated. If I had to make up my own workouts or do them on my own, I'd never do it. Also, taking a strength training class in college taught me how to lift properly - and helped me get over my fear of lifting around guys!

    1. I'm just now seeing this! I love Les Mills classes too! :-) Keep it up Elizabeth!


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