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Sunday, June 1, 2014

She Sweats 6-Week Run Recovery CHALLENGE!


We introduced our She Sweats 6-Week Run Recovery a few weeks ago after it was requested by Pam at Moms RUN This Town. It is a workout plan designed for runners who need to take a break from exclusively running. This allows for the runner to focus on getting stronger which will, in turn, improve their run performance. Once a good base of muscle is built then cardio is added back in. 

Not a runner? No problem! It isn't just for runners, anyone who wants to focus on muscle building will benefit from this plan. Muscle growth is very important to get that lean, toned look that everyone is after. You can't just do hours of cardio!

Since we have the new workout plan that means we have a new challenge to go along with it! We introduce to you our She Sweats 6-Week Run Recovery CHALLENGE! Read on to learn how you could win a prize pack valued at over $100!

How it Works:

Step 1: Secure your copy of the She Sweats 6-Week Run Recovery (only one entry per order, so you MUST have to have your own copy to enter!  It is illegal to distribute copies of this workout.). You can use either the gym or the at-home version or a combination of both (they are interchangeable)!

She Sweats 6-Week Run Recovery {At the Gym}
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She Sweats 6-Week Run Recovery {At-Home}
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She Sweats 6-Week Run Recovery {Gym + Home}
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Step 2: Whenever you start the plan, take "before" photos (must be dated by 06/16/2014). We need to see tasteful, clear pictures shot with you facing forward and sideways. Also, make sure the shots have some sort of date stamp on them (You can use a newspaper, date stamp on your camera, etc but we must be able to verify the date). Keep these until the end of your 6 weeks. Please do NOT send us shots with any nudity. They will be deleted and you will be disqualified. 

Step 3: Complete the She Sweats 6-Week Run Recovery

Step 4: Take "after" photos in the same fashion as the "before" photos.

Step 5: Send your "before" and "after" pictures to by 11:59 pm EST 07/28/2014.

How You Win:

All entries must be received by 11:59 pm EST 07/28/2014. We will compile all photos of participants and judge based off of the best transformation using your pictures ONLY. We (the He and She gang) will be the judges. We may use outside judges if we need another opinion.  The winner will be announced no later than 11:59 pm 07/31/2014.

Need Extra Motivation?

Do you have a blog?  Are you on social media?  We would LOVE to see you updating about your journey!  Please email us at if you plan to blog about it so we can follow along!  You DO NOT have to have a blog but if you do post on social media be sure to tag us AND use the hashtags #heandsheeatclean and #shesweatstransformation!

Stay up-to-date with us on social media!

- The Gang


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