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Monday, June 23, 2014

Why You Should NOT Rely on the Scale OR Your Measurements!


We always receive emails and messages about people not losing weight even though they are eating healthy and working out. With our Facebook support groups for our She Sweats workout plans this is a topic that is frequently bought up so we wanted to address our stance on how to measure your progress.

Why not the scale?

We always tell people to ditch the scale because it doesn't tell the whole story. You could be going up in weight but down in size because you are gaining muscle - which is a great thing! Did you eat something that you normally don't eat? Did you have an "off day" where you kind of got off track? Did you consume salty foods? You could be retaining water! If you insist on weighing yourself and you just aren't going to give up the scale, only weigh yourself once a week and make sure it's on the same day and at the same time each week!

Why not measurements?

Because unless you have the same (experienced) person take them each time you will probably not get an accurate number, especially if you are trying to do it yourself. Most people do not measure in the same spot each time which can skew the numbers. If you must, we advise to only measure weekly at the MOST!

How am I supposed to gauge my progress if you don't want me to weigh or measure?

The most important way to gauge your results is by how you FEEL. Do you feel better? Do you have more energy? Are you proud of yourself for working out or eating healthy? Can you do a push-up? Can you walk/run faster, further, or longer than you used to? There has to be something NOT related to a number that you can be proud of!

You could also gauge your progress by pictures. Take them every four weeks! Another option is to try on an article of clothing that you know is a bit snug. Try it on every few weeks and see how it fits!  Just day it will be falling off of you!

What if I am not progressing as quickly as I think I should be?

Again, what are you using to measure your "progress" it a number or is it a feeling? You also must be honest with yourself. Are you really giving it your all during your workouts? Are you skipping workouts or exercises within the workouts? Are you cutting your session short? Are you truly eating healthy? Are you grazing off your co-workers or children's plate?

Be PROUD of yourself and celebrate the small accomplishments!  Small changes really do add up!

You can read about the "scale project" Whitney did here. She weighed herself everyday...find out what happened!

- The Gang


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