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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Whittle Your Waist with 5 Different Planks {Plus 2 Cardio Planks}!

Planks work all muscle groups in your core (plus help strengthen your entire body) and you can pretty much do them ANYWHERE (gym, home, hotel, airport, restaurant, etc). We introduced a few different kinds of planks in our 30-Day Plank Challenge and wanted to provide you with the descriptions so you can get planking!

5 Planks to Whittle Your Waist

Standard Plank - Get into push-up position but stay on your forearms.  Pull your abs in while keeping your back straight.  Hold this position for the desired amount of time.  Tip: Make sure your back is straight and your bottom does not stick up too far in the air!

Side Plank - Similar to a standard plank but you will be holding the standard plank on both sides. Get into standard plank position and then turn to the left or right.  Hold your abs in to really engage your core.  After holding for the desired about of time switch sides.

Knee to Elbow Planks - Get into push-up position.  You will basically be "crunching" on each side. Tip: Keep your chest and bottom up.  Don't let your back round or your shoulders slump forward.

Up, Up, Down, Down Planks - This one is a tough one!  Start in standard plank position.  Push up and extend your arm with your right side and then your left side. Once you are in plank position with your arms fully extended, lower back down on your forearms starting with your right arm and then your left arm.  Continue for the desired amount of  reps.  Tip: You need to swap the hands you start with each time. You could also think about this as a low plank to high plank.

Plank Side Walk - Get into push-up position.  Cross your right hand over your left hand and move your left foot to the left.  Tip: You hands will come together as your feet move apart.

2 Cardio Planks {To change things up a bit!}

Mountain Climbers - Get into push-up position and stay there.  When you are ready to begin bring each knee up to your chest quickly (like you are sprinting) but stay on your hands. Move quickly.

Plank Jacks - Get into push-up position.  Jump your feet out like you are doing a jumping jack.  Lightly land on your toes then return to starting position.  Move quickly.

Go Get Planking!

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- Tiffany and Whitney

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  1. I thought standard planks were with straight arms? What's the difference between being on forearms or straight arms? Does it work different muscles? Does it matter? Just curious.....thanks

    1. Planks done on the forearms are typically considered to be a modified version. Planks performed with straight arms with the palms of your hands on the floor instead are more challenging. Beginners and/or people who tend to have difficulty keeping their back aligned should do the modified plank on their forearms instead. Both planks are extremely effective, however. There are various types and all of them do focus on all abs muscles (with the side planks working more of the obliques as well). The key is to keep your entire body aligned (inc your head), your back straight, your core engaged tight and to remember to keep breathing.


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