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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

She Sweats 12-Week Transformation Challenge WINNER!

We want to think everyone who submitted their transformations.  We hope to share some of the transformations soon.  This was sooooo difficult for us!  We had a lot of great transformations sent over but there can only be one winner!

Congratulations AMANDA WILSON!

With her transformation she didn't even lose weight - not an ounce but obviously changed her body composition!

This is what Amanda had to say: "It was a little discouraging to not see the scale move at first. That is how we as society measure success when it comes to body image. It took me a good 6 or 7 weeks into the program to come to terms with my weight and understand that my body was going to change even if the scale wasn't. I could see my arms getting more defined and my stomach was flat! After having my son a year ago I had given up on having a flat stomach, but planks are seriously a miracle for post pregnant bellies! I tried really hard to eat clean and I ate a lot of protein! It wasn't easy getting a workout in most days of the week. My gym doesn't have a daycare so I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to go to the gym and be home before my husband and son woke up. After a while it wasn't even hard to get up and go that early, it became a habit; and I loved it!"

We have updated our workout page with more testimonials and hope to add more transformations soon!  If you didn't get the chance to enter this challenge you can still enter the one that just started!  Find more information here!

- The Gang


  1. The transformation is AWESOME! Congratulations. It's really encouraging to hear that you can have that much of a physical change and the scale doesn't even really play a part (as it shouldn't)! I'm still in week 8, so this is super encouraging to see as well.


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