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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Need a Little Pick Me Up? Motivation for 2014

Here are some of our favorite motivational quotes and sayings to keep your eye on the prize in 2014:

- Tiffany


  1. Hi All. I love your site and I'm just starting my clean eating journey with your help! I love the above quote "Don't trust your scale, trust your jeans." However, when I pinned this, the description states that muscle weighs more than fat. Well, that's actually not true, because a pound is a pound - it doesn't matter what it is made of. The more accurate way to describe muscle vs. fat would be to state that muscle is more dense (it takes up less space than an equal mass of fat). Because of this, as you build muscle, you are able to slim down but may not see a significant drop in weight. So always trust your jeans!


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