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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Most Popular Clean Eating Posts of 2013


We have a lot of new readers so we wanted to put all of our most popular posts in one place! These are our most popular posts of 2013 - published in 2013.  We have already shared our top pins of 2013 but some of those posts were published in 2012.  Our most popular clean eating posts of 2013 are listed below in order of popularity.






Happy New Year!

- The Gang


  1. Can you help me with a sugar/sweetner question? I limit my sugar/sweet intake. I eat 1-2 fruits a day and I DO put sugar in my 2 cups of coffee. That is most of what I consume daily.
    Back in the day, I got on the Splenda bandwagon. Then after a few years, when I was cleaning up my diet, I realized how bad it was for me. I decided that if I need a sweetner, I may as well go with the natural sugar.
    Isnt stevia, Ideal Brown and Truvia artificial just as Splenda is?
    I am really confused as to what is good, natural sweetner, and what is artificial and bad for me.

    Thank you!!!

  2. Stevia is an herb and you can grow it yourself. It is natural and if you grow it yourself you are in control of the plant being organic or not.

  3. you can also use coconut sugar :)


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