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Friday, January 3, 2014

Reach Your Goals Faster with Amazon Prime


We talk a lot (ok, A LOT) about Amazon and Amazon Prime on our blog. We aren't just trying to send you there to buy stuff - it's for a good reason! Amazon Prime will save you time, money and can even help you get in shape! Afterall, if you need it, it's at your door within two days - sometimes just one day!

One of the best perks of having Amazon Prime is FREE 2-Day shipping on all Prime-eligible items. And not to worry, there are TONS of items that are eligible! Here is how we take advantage of the rest of what Prime has to offer:

Weekly/Monthly Groceries:
Purchasing non-perishable items that you need in your clean eating arsenal at all times is a "no-brainer" with Prime! Think flour, spices, raw nuts, protein powders, and more! Prices are almost ALWAYS cheaper than the supermarket and you don't have to make time to get to the store - you can order this online from any where, at any time!

For example, we always have Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Oat Flour in our pantry to make protein bars and use in various recipes.

Supermarket Price: $6.33/ea - $25.32/4-pack
Amazon Price: $5.29/ea - $21.16/4-pack 
(Subscribe and Save - $5.025/ea - $20.10/4-pack)

Subscribe and Save:
Subscribe and Save takes a little pressure off of you! You no longer have to remember that you are running low of a certain product - you can simply set your account to automatically restock your item at a given time period. Maybe you choose every month, or perhaps it is every 3 months. Amazon will email you each month before your items are shipped, allowing you an opportunity to tweak anything that you may have too much of or too little.

Is there a cost savings? Absolutely! Subscribe and Save prices are always cheaper (see example above) than Amazon's regular prices AND if you have 5 or more products on subscribe and save that ship in a particular month, you receive 20% off of each item! That's a major cost savings.

He & She Tip: I have TONS of stuff on Subscribe and Save that we use everyday - grocery items, dog food, paper goods, baby food and formula, diapers and more! That 20% off savings adds up really quickly!

Instant Streaming Videos:
You may be wondering why we are suggesting watching videos when we are health and fitness site, right? After all, we want you moving! Did you know that Amazon has almost every Jillian Michael's fitness DVD (live streaming via web) available at NO CHARGE? That's an easy way to change up your routine and get back on track in no time! The excuses just may have ended right here!

Are you ready to reclaim a little bit of your life back and make eating clean easier for you? Amazon is offering a 30-day Free Trial. What are you waiting for? Go try it out today!

What's your favorite part about Amazon Prime?


PS - You can find our list of some of the items we buy on Amazon here


  1. We live in a rural area as well, and I have to stock up on clean eating "supplies" when I visit my mom in another state! Amazon is my best friend. My Prime membership pays for itself during the Christmas season, and I enjoy the benefits all the rest of the year. All my cleaning products as well as paper towels, toilet tissue, and dog food comes from Amazon once each month. I keep thinking there's got to be a catch somewhere, but I haven't found it yet. I check my receipts every shipment to make sure I'm still getting the best deal. LOVE Amazon Prime!


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