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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Santa's Step-Up Monthly Challenge


Here's a little fun for you this December... Why not a step-up challenge? This will not only get you burning calories and your blood pumping, but it will get your backside tight for those New Years Eve parties! Here's to a VERY Merry Holiday season!  Don't forget about our She Sweats 12-Week Transformation that will give you the motivation you need to stick to your workout routine over the holidays {gym and at-home versions available here}!

Santa's Step-Up Monthly Challenge

Just in case you are wondering on a few of the exercises, here are some ground rules:

1. Find a challenging, but safe height for your step-ups with a flat, non-skid surface.
2. The leg listed first, right or left, is your lead leg. This is the leg that you will step up on to your platform with.
3. The knee step-ups are intended so that you step up with the lead leg and bring the other knee up to a 90 degree angle in front of you.
4. The extension step-ups are intended so that you step up with the lead leg and bring the opposite leg out behind you, fully extended so that you are utilizing your glutes muscles to raise it. 

BONUS: We will be releasing another December Challenge on Instagram so be sure to follow us there too! @heandsheeatclean

Happy Stepping!



  1. Is the last week supposed to be 50 left leg instead of 40? Cause I'm thinking wonky legs....ha ha.


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