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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Calorie Saving Holiday Recipe Ingredient Swaps

Just in time! As your Christmas parties begin and your workplace starts bringing in baked goods everyday, so can you, without sacrificing eating clean! Make the most of your favorite recipes with these simple swaps!

Note: Cashew Cream can be made fairly easily. Soak raw cashews in cold water overnight. Drain and rinse thoroughly. Puree cashews with an equal amount of water and voila! You have Cashew Cream.

Happy Baking!



  1. If you use 1:3/4 for sugar/stevia, you will not be able to eat whatever you are making! Just 1/4 tsp of pure stevia is as sweet as a full cup of sugar. If you want the bulk of sugar for a substitute, you need to use Truvia, which is a 1:3/4 substitute. To make your own Truvia, grind 1/4 cup of xylitol or erythritol AND 1/8 tsp of pure stevia.

  2. Truvia is owned by coca cola be warned....


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