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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Monthly Challenge :: Gorgeous Glutes 1-Month Challenge

Several readers have asked for certain focuses on challenges and we thought that we would try to bring you one that many of you have asked for! It's time for a glutes challenge! Let's get those fannies in gear before the holidays!

The Gorgeous Glutes 1-Month Challenge is intended to be done alongside your current routine, especially in the beginning of the month. You may find that if you are lifting hard, especially on leg days or your recovery day the day after legs, you need to modify this challenge. Do what you need to do! Or keep it exactly the same. It's your challenge! Keep a record of how you feel in the beginning of the month and compare it to how you feel at the end. You will make great strides!

Now, go out there and make this HAPPEN!

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  1. This looks great! I am thinking about adding this to the program I am currently doing. My glutes are not's right below them in the hamstring-ish area. I am going to attempt to do this the entire month! Going to take some before and after pictures as well of my problem area and see what changes adding this challenge will do to my posterior. Love this website!

    1. Courtney - I think people call that area the "banana roll"!!! This should definitely target that area!
      We would LOVE to see your before and after pics! Please share them!

    2. HA, banana roll sounds about right! I took the pictures but I don't do magazines typically so just believe the dates will be right.

      One more question for you, when doing the jump squats, should I be feeling it more in my quads? I typically squat with my feet pointed out otherwise my knees get mad. :)

  2. Little confused. What does the $30 buy?

  3. Do u know of a clean source of carcinia gambogia?


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