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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Monthly Challenge :: Dream Arms Challenge


I've really been taking a look at my upper body these last couple weeks and wanted to challenge everyone with a quick monthly challenge for September. Feel free to break these into sets and rep them out to get to the appropriate number of each exercise. Also, make sure that you try to work them in on days that you are actually doing upper body in the gym.

- Tiffany

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  1. wont this schedule burn your muscles?

    1. There are adequate rest days in the plan with proper attention to what muscles you are working each day. If you stick to the plan, it will keep your muscles growing!

  2. Do you have suggestions for how heavy the weights should be, along with the progression increase each week? I'm definitely a beginner, I currently use 10 pound weighs for bicep curls & 8 pound weights for triceps. And I can only do about 10-12 push-ups at a time, so this challenge is definitely going to kick my butt!! Thank you!

  3. How many sets of each do we do?


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