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Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Take A Hike" Butt Blaster Workout


One of my and Scott's favorite activities is to go hiking.  We are about to go on a two week hiking road trip out west.  In order to prepare for this (and to keep up with Scott) I created myself a hiking treadmill workout that we will appropriately name the "Take A Hike" Butt Blaster.  After you try it you will probably want to tell me to go take a hike!

This is the workout that I do on the treadmill in the gym but keep in mind that I have been hiking for a few years now. I rarely run and my cardio of choice is incline walking so if you are primarily a runner or just starting out...start where you can and work your way up!  If this is too easy for you increase the speed!

P.S. The picture above is one we took when we went hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park last fall.  We hiked 16 miles in one day!

- Whitney

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  1. I can't wait to try this!! My husband and I used to love to hike and now we are just waiting for our kids to be a bit older before we go again. Do you happen to know how the incline % would convert for a treadmill that goes up in increments of .5 instead? Thanks!

    1. Just see what the highest incline is then figure out the percentage. ie if the treadmill goes to in incline of 10 then 1 would be 1%. If it goes to 15 1.5 would be 1% if it goes to 20 2 would be 1% and so on.

  2. I tried this one at the gym this morning. It was great!! Keep 'em coming!


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