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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jello Arms Workout Circuit


So, did you have a chance to try the Spaghetti Leg Circuit? Well, here's a circuit specially designed to give your upper body the jolt that it needs to get you building muscle and making some positive changes. I give you the Jello Arms Circuit.

For this workout, you will need a pair of moderate weight dumbbells (a slight challenge to do 10 reps) and a flat surface or a bench. On exercises such as the bicep curls and tricep extensions, the quantity suggested is each arm.


Need a little help with some of the moves? Most can be googled, but just in case you can't find descriptions for some of them:

Shoulder "Angels" - This exercise is similar to making snow angels. With your chest on the bench and dumbbells in your hands, leading with the "bell" side, begin with your arms down perpendicular. Raise both of your arms to the sides of your face, near your ears, parallel to the bench. Rotate your arms and dumbbells so that your knuckles are facing upward. Slowly rotate your arms and dumbbells out to the side. Bring arms down to starting position. This makes one set.

Lateral Side Pulses - Starting position is a standing, lateral dumbbell raise. Gently pulse upward (a few inches) and back down to starting position.

Go shock that upper body!
- Tiffany

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  1. I am having a hard time visualizing the shoulder "angels". Help!

    1. Think of it like a snow angel but in your stomach on a bench.

  2. How often per week should this circuit be done. I am going to start this one along with the circuit for the legs. Thanks.


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