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Monday, August 26, 2013

Fit Finds :: SHOP.COM


Everyone loves to shop, right?  Well, actually I hate to shop!  I don't like GOING shopping but I can handle online shopping.  Wouldn't it be nice if we were able to order online and get paid to shop?  Well read on and find out how you can do just that at your favorite stores online. Just to give you a few examples (with their current cashback amount): get 2% cashback at Target, 2% cashback at Forever 21, 2% cashback at Victoria's Secret, 3% cashback at Home Depot, and the list goes on and on!  This will change the way you shop!

We always like to share with you the ways that we save money so we want to introduce you to SHOP.COM.  You probably know by now that we love Amazon but you're leaving "money on the table" doesn't pay you to shop like SHOP.COM does. Here's how it works:
Before you can start earning money on your purchases, you need to set up an account on SHOP.COM (so you can track all the money you earn with cashback).  When it asks if a friend referred you put (this will allow us to offer you discounts and promotions on future orders and answer any questions you have).  Once you have your account set up, you just shop at all the stores you normally would, but now you will be getting paid to shop through SHOP.COM's cashback program.  All you have to do is go to the retailer's website through SHOP.COM.  You can view a list of all the partner stores on the website (by clicking 'Shop All Stores' in the blue bar near the top of the page) or you can just search for your product or store.  See more detailed instructions below!

Here are a few of our favorite stores: - We buy most of our Quest bars here.  They come out to be less expensive because not only do you get cashback (currently at 5%) through SHOP.COM but you also earn dollars!  Plus, they have free shipping on your order if it is over $25 and they have almost EVERYTHING!  One other thing I love about this site is that you can purchase Flexible Savings Account-eligible products to help you get the most out of your FSA program dollars by helping you track your purchases and easily determine if an item is eligible (Don't have an FSA account?  You're probably flushing hundreds of dollars away each year!).  Have a GNC Gold Card?  Go through SHOP.COM to get to then click on GNC!

Travelocity - We all know how expensive trips awesome would it be to earn 4% cashback (for most offers) on your trip?  We recently booked a hotel room through SHOP.COM and used our AMEX, so we got the points on the card plus $10 cashback...that's enough for half a box of Quest Bars! - Do you send flowers to family members and friends for special occasions?  How does 8% cashback sound on those purchases?

This is also the website where we purchase most of our supplements so if you are ordering supplements you could be or are already getting cashback on those!  Basically, many of the stores you shop at are available (Macy's, Dillards, Victoria's Secret, Staples, Petco, POLO Ralph Lauren, Home Depot, REI, Bath & Body Works, Lowes, White House Black Market, Fandango, etc.)'s so easy to sign up and start earning money on your purchases, but there's more...

So, what if you just want to go directly to the website where you want to shop?  Well, you can download a neat little tool called "Shop Buddy".  Your "Shop Buddy" will alert you whenever you visit a participating cashback website.  After you create your account you can download Shop Buddy (it is located along the right side on the homepage) and pops up showing all the deals on the site that you're currently viewing.

Not only do you earn cashback on SHOP.COM but you also earn a percentage of cashback on your friends that you refer.  So, refer your friends!

No, this post was not sponsored by SHOP.COM, that is just how passionate we are about saving/making money...especially while doing something that we're all so good at!

So what do you do now?
1. Go to SHOP.COM
2. At the very top click on "Sign In/Create an Account"
3. Enter your email & click "no, I'd like to create a new account"
4. Enter all of your personal information & then at the bottom there will probably be a box that asked if you were referred by a friend...that is where you will enter my email address  Then, when your friends sign up they will do the same steps but enter your email!

Please email us at with any questions.

Happy Shopping!

- Scott & Whitney


  1. Such a good idea! Going to register now! & I will put your email in for referred by section!

  2. Interesting - but what can you use the cash back to buy? it looks like the selection is fairly limited.

  3. Just received a check for $500.

    Many times people don't believe me when I tell them about how much money you can make filling out paid surveys at home...

    So I show them a video of myself getting paid $500 for participating in paid surveys to finally set the record straight.


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