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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Clean Eat Education :: Natural Fat Burners


Wonder what is in those fat burner pills that are trying to tempt you each time you walk past them in your local health food store? We do too! And nope, we don't know what's in them - and we probably don't want to know what chemicals people are popping. Here are natural fat-fighting foods and supplements that may get you to your goals a little faster.

Not sure where to find these items?  Here are links to a few of our favorites:
Green Tea
Navy Beans

He & She Tip: You can learn more about grapefruit here.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of natural fat burners. There are many additional foods and natural supplements that you can consume to aid in the metabolism of fat.

- Tiffany


  1. These are the simple to be found fatburners that we have at home or in the nearest grocery store. The green tea is one thing that I'm sure that could help you in losing weight.

  2. If you are fond of eating, you will definitely face the problem with the rising body weight someday. Why not you start taking an effective fat burner to prevent that odd situation when your newly bought dress gets tighter day by day?

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