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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

10 Minute Cardio Circuit


Here's a quick, but effective one for you today! No excuses because it requires NO equipment!

Do our 10 Minute Cardio Circuit once, twice or three times. Whatever your schedule allows!  You can also pair it with our July Push-Up Challenge!

Let us be your personal trainers with our detailed 4, 6 and 12 week She Sweats Workout plans! We guide your workout each day, telling you exactly what to do and what intensity to work at. We have everything you need! Find out more!


  1. I like this! I'm trying to do more at home workouts and avoid gym membership at all cost!


    1. Glad you like it Monica! Let us know hoe it goes when you try it!

    2. I did it last night and it took me 30 min (I am so out of shape). So the first round I only did half the reps, but the 2nd time I did all the reps. I didn't do a third time as I didn't want to be super sore. I'm slightly sore today, but I'm mobile. I hate hate being so sore that you can barely sit down.

      I really liked the work out .. it was fun to see what was next on the list. I'll certainly do this again.



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