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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Monthly Challenge :: Perfect Your Core Plank Challenge

Did you partake in our Bikini Body Burpee Challenge last month? If not, never fear! You can combine both of these challenges together to create a super workout supplement (add on to your current workout) that will have you seeing results by month's end.

Here's the "Perfect Your Core" Plank Challenge:

We will be posting pictures of the exercises soon in case you need a refresher on what some are. With regular planks, just hold your abs in and make sure that your behind is not up in the air and your stomach is not sagging - you want a continuous line from the top of your head to your heels.

Note: Please do not begin any workout routine before consulting a physician to ensure you are healthy enough to exercise.

- Tiffany


  1. Doing this starting today! Wish I had seen it over the weekend. Question - what about side planks? Do they make your core a little larger on the sides? I know this can happen from weighted side to side crunches (standing with weight in one hand and moving up/down) Thanks!

  2. Starting today! Also shared over on our blog: Thanks for this great challenge!!

    ~Princess Lindsey @ Prairie Princess Runners

  3. what is the Mountain Climber exercise?

  4. so when the rest periods get taken away, do you just break the plank by putting a knee down and get right back up? We are on day 5 right now

  5. Is there anyway to get a printable version of the chart? Please!



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