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Monday, April 15, 2013

FIT Finds :: 5 Inexpensive MUST HAVES for Your Next Workout

You turn on the TV late at night or early in the morning and you are bombarded with infomercials telling you about the latest and greatest fitness craze, certain to whip you into top shape in no time flat. What about the home shopping networks that have one of their good looking, semi-fit hosts clad in workout gear standing next to a muscle-clad gentleman hocking products that will again, "do the trick." If you follow our blog, you know there is no "Trick" - it's all hard work, determination and it's all about what you eat!

Here are 5 things that I can't live without when I go to the gym...

1. Small Notebook - Although I use my phone quite a bit to track my progress with one of my favorite apps (more info on the app later), I still write everything down! I find that it's my best tool to challenge myself and see what I did on my last workout in between sets. Make sure the notebook is small - if you get a regular size that you would have carried to a college class to take notes, it will get in the way!  Here is my absolute favorite - it looks nice and makes me want to use it!

Moleskine Classic Ruled Pocket Notebook - Red - $11.14 (also available in manly colors, like black!)

2. Protein Shaker with Compartments - I am really particular in how my protein powder is mixed. Call me crazy, but loading up powder in an empty container and then later adding water and shaking it doesn't cut it for me. I need to take my shaker, add some water, add powder, add more water and then shake. Sounds crazy? But it's not! I never get clumps this way! The SmartShake protein shakers are the absolute best for me because it has screw on compartments that you can store powder in without having to put it in the main shaker portion.

SmartShake Gun Smoke Edition - $8.79 (they have some awesome colors and special editions too!)

3. Earbuds with a Microphone - These are a no brainer!! With cell phone technology these days, the need for a special music gadget is gone - yippee! One less thing I need to carry! These are really subjective, but for the money and because I stash multiple in my car, my gym bag and my purse, I like the Skull Candy brand. I can listen to my music and if I get a call while I am at the gym, I hit the button on the earphones and take my call hands free!

 Skull Candy Ink'd Earbuds with Mic - $11.08 (multiple color variations at this price!)

4. BPA Free Refillable Water Bottle - Ever take a sip and half of it ends up down your shirt? Hate those straws that you just can't clean? This is my go-to water bottle for the gym that eliminates those problems!

5. Hand-sized Towel - I love barriers. That's just what carrying around a small towel is! I wait and wait for a bench only to discover that the sweaty person in front of me left a present. NO THANK YOU!!! I know it's not fool proof, but a towel offers a little bit of protect and best of all, it's washable and so are you! Why not get some motivation while you are at it too - check out these cute towels!!

What is your go-to item in your gym bag? Will you be adding any of these?

- Tiffany


  1. Thanks for the tips!! Would love to know what the name of the app is that you mentioned in #1.

  2. I have been tracking my workouts in a note book. It's great to see the weights increase from when I first started.



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