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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Clean Eat Education :: Tips for Fitting in Your Workout After Work!


I know, I know, you are tired by the time you get off work and commute back home but if you don't have time to workout in the mornings or during your lunch break you still need to MAKE time to exercise!  I go to the gym after work every day.  I work 8+ hour days and spend about 2 hours in the car commuting so I have gotten my routine down to a science so that I do not waste any time!  Here are a few tips that may help you save time and stick to your after-work workout routine!

There are absolutely NO EXCUSES!  Take control of YOUR life!

- Whitney

Update: Here are our tips on how to make morning workouts easier!


  1. Your day sounds like mine! Question - what time do you have to prepare a nutritious dinner when you get home? How much time do you spend at the gym after work? What is sufficient?

    1. Hello! I don't cook when we get home from the gym or if I do it is just scrambled eggs. I do all of our food prep on the weekends so we usually just eat something from that! You need protein after your workout though so try to eat within 30 minutes or drink a protein shake!

  2. I just found your blog via Pinterest and am loving it so far! This advice for after work workouts also works for those of us that get before the crack of dawn to get our workouts in. I set my workout clothes in the bathroom the night before so that I don't have to turn on lights and wake people up in the morning. A lot of gyms offer early a.m. classes, so that is motivating as well.

  3. Does anyone have s small child here? This is my first week, and I'm sure it gets better. .. But I'm feeling sooooo guilty about taking time away from her. I know I need to do this for myself (and be healthy for her) but when I picked her up today I just held her and cried..wah wah I know just feeling a little discouraged.


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