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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Are Your Cleaning Products Really "Clean?" - Building A Green Cleaning Stash


With the anticipation of our little one (mine and Jim's) to arrive in May, I have taken a closer look at our cleaning products lately. Although I am still cleaning our house (we haven't and probably won't take the leap to hire a maid as long as I can handle the "chores"), I set out to learn all that I could about Green "Clean" Cleaning using natural, non-toxic products. After all, we prep our food on our kitchen surfaces, eat off of our dishes and sit on our carpets and floors - all typically cleaned with chemicals we wouldn't dream of putting in our bodies!

Although I have been known to kill bugs with my household cleaners, it got me thinking - if it kills a bug, do I really want it on my skin or around my food? My answer is "NO!"

Below, you will find what you will need to replace the vast majority of your daily cleaning products (including bleach - gasp!) straight from your pantry, grocery or garden.
Stock your Green "Clean" Cleaning Supplies Cabinet
Shopping List

Olive Oil (Not Pictured)
Rubbing Alcohol (Not Pictured)


Fresh Produce:

Peppermint Oil - used for fragrance
Lavender Oil - used for fragrance
Empty Squirt Bottles (I recommend 4-5 for different mixtures)
Old Rags (Can also used cut-up T-Shirts)
Paper Towel

Here are my favorite recipes for making your own natural cleaning products!
- Tiffany


  1. I like your thinking! My husband and I make everything homemade! Everything is so toxic, may I make a suggestion to you though? In replacement of Dawn dish detergent, I would recommend Castile soap. Organic and non toxic! We love it! :) I am unsure of the ingredients in Dawn, however in Castile soap they have EXACTLY what is in it!

  2. Yes, you are right in a way! We should check 'ingredients' of a cleaning product prior buying it. A good approach! Only we need a check list of 'allowed' ingredients.

  3. Such a great interesting post! <a href="”>natural products </a> is sustainable lifestyle brand so thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. I am absolutely in support of using environment friendly products for cleaning purpose on daily basis. Using chemical products is harmful for both the environment and for our skin as well. Just think, if an insect killer can kill insects and ants, wouldn't it be harmful for you? A stain that is removed instantly using washing powder stuffed with chemicals, won't it be harmful for your skin? So, I advice you to use those products which don't have harmful chemicals.Use baking soda, borax powder, vinegar, lemon juice, that are easily available in your kitchen, for cleaning and support green cleaning.

  5. Green cleaning products are a great solution for families with children or pets. You never know how the toxic products bought from the local supermarket can react on our skin and they may be really harmful.

  6. Do you have a clean recipe for Laundry Detergent? Love this post, thank you so much!

  7. As a mom of one child, I also think of preventive measures to be done inside my house. One of that are the chemicals used in cleaning. Like in washing dishes, I prefer to use lemons as a freshener and an effective cleaning agent for dishes etc. Also environmentally friendly chemicals. I like your blog as it gives me more idea of what are the alternative things that can be used in cleaning which will not harm my family. Love it. Thanks!

  8. Oh... love the green cleaning solutions! I want to replace all of my toxic products with natural ones! This is the healthy way! Thanks for the post!

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  10. "I have a tip but it doesn't belong to the ""organic"" cleaning.
    Take one bucket, fill it with water (5 l) and dissolve
    one or two denture cleaning tablets in the water.
    Use the solution and the microfibre cloth for cleaning.
    I use this solution for tiles, sinks, window frames (white plastic)
    and kitchen (coated surface)."

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