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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Workouts :: Leg Day!


This workout is more of a beginner workout than many we have posted in the past but for those of you who are experienced - try it!  It may not look like much but if you are lifting heavy enough you will feel it!  Focus on building your muscle...Make sure you are lifting with intensity, but using strict form.  Complete each exercise and then rest for 45-60 seconds.

Glute Bridge - Here is a video description.  You will probably feel very silly doing this but it is an amazing exercise!  I usually place a weight plate on my lower stomach and hold it in place.  

Leg Kickbacks - You can do these on the cable machine, using resistance bands, or using your own bodyweight.  Here is a description.

End your workout with an incline walk.  Make sure to set the incline high enough to make it difficult but do not hold on...Build that booty!

Remember this mantra: Muscle is my BFF!

- Tiffany & Whitney


  1. Hey, I tried this out and it is indeed a great and intense workout. It may seem easy at first but you were right, after a each count, you can really feel its effect.

  2. This is actually similar to the workout that my gym instructor is teaching me. It seems to be effective based on the amount of sweat I'm producing.

  3. This leg workout is an all around good workout for any situations. My therapist suggested me to do this to help reduce my lower back pain (sit on a chair all day) and knee recovery. The deadlifts and glute bridge helps a lot the most. Firm, strong butt means more cushion on the chair. lol. The incline walks mentioned is also really good. I live in a very flat city so a treadmill can be a good alternative (something like this: livestrong treadmill).

    Happy Butt Workout to everyone!

  4. I know this may sound like a silly question....but what are SL Deadlifts?

    1. Hi Tommie!

      They are single leg deadlifts!


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