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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Workouts :: Back & Bi Day


Here is the back and biceps workout of our beginner workout series.  Make sure you are lifting with intensity, but using strict form.  Complete each exercise and then rest for 45-60 seconds.

Here is Leg Day!
Here is Chest/Tri Day!

Here is Shoulder/Ab Day!

Muscle is my BFF!

- Tiffany & Whitney

P.S. WG = Wide Grip


  1. Straighten up your back then do this routine. This is how to get ripped fast, isn't it called explosive weight lifting? It iss lifting the maximum weight that a person can and doing it fast that will result in a leaner rather than bulky muscles.

  2. A good head start for beginners. Great reminder on strict form, most workouts would probably end up hitting a different part of muscle group when doing this mistake and you don't want that. What makes workouts good is that it can provide you confidence because of the looks it brings but what's more important is the health benefits that comes with it.

  3. I started this after I had a belly fat removal process. Just for maintenance. It really works, and the more you do it, the more you want it! I guess exercise can be addictive sometimes.

  4. Healthy living is what we are encouraging to our children. We are so thankful because our kids love the idea of eating only what is healthy.

  5. This routine, together with my prescribed vitamins, improved my whole body and all its functions. I noticed the sudden positive changes when I started last month. Now I'm sticking with this lifestyle! Thank you so much for posting this!

  6. My toddler loves seeing me do these workouts. I'm happy that she behaves while watching me. At least now I know I picked up the right techniques in disciplining my little one. Thanks for this list!

  7. Good point. It's really a lot more beneficial if people took the "piece-by-piece" route when developing muscles. It allows focusing for maximum muscle output, all the while minimizing the threat of injuries that can damage the whole body.

  8. I’m just so excited to try these routines! I will definitely try all of these after they finish fixing the indoor gym in our house.

  9. Just when I bought a new set of dumbbells, I got to read these. Looks like I'm going to get a whole lot of stuff done for my summer exercise routine!


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