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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year - New You!


We have LOTS in store for you in 2013!  We have many educational, workout, and recipe posts ready!

Be sure to check out the resources we already have on the website.  Try "The Lifestyle" tab first.  Remember, small changes add up - just get started!  Tiffany announced her pregnancy yesterday so stay tuned for posts about how to stay healthy during your pregnancy and beyond!

Don't forget about the coaching we now offer.  Email us at for more details!

We strive to educate people and help them reach their health and fitness goals.  We want to help YOU make 2013 YOUR best year yet!

- The Gang

P.S. Yes, that is your very own "She" (Whitney) in the picture - she made 2012 "her year"!


  1. I JUST found this blog and I am so excited, I think this is the inspiration I needed! I have been gradually eating better over the past couple years but my main struggle is probably calories to eat. I have a desk job so I am sitting ALL day. Even if I go run 3-6 miles after work, I still feel like I shouldn't be eating over 1200 just because of the desk job!?! Your pictures are so motivational though!! I'm sorry if you have this posted somewhere, but how long did it take for your transformation? I'm making 2013 MY year!! :)


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