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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Clean Eating Shopping List


We have compiled our past shopping lists into one list.  These are the items that we typically purchase but it does not include every single item that is considered clean.  We mainly shop at Publix, Costco,, and Amazon.

If you want to learn more about what to eat, how to journal, or just need examples of meal plans, check out this Health Guide & Journal.  It's the best one we've found so far and it's only $19.95.

Chicken Breasts
Ground Chicken Breasts (Our local Publix is always gracious enough to grind chicken breasts for us!)
Lean or Extra Lean Ground Turkey
Organic Eggs *read more about eggs here
Grass-Fed Beef
Wild-Caught Salmon
Wild-Caught Mahi Mahi

Brown Rice Cakes
Sweet Potatoes
Food for Life Products (Ezekiel products)
Kidney Beans
Black Beans
Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats
Gluten Free Oat Flour
Gluten Free Rolled Oats
Granola (try to keep sugar under 5 g per 30 g serving)

Healthy Fats:
Natural Peanut Butter (ingredients should be just peanuts or peanuts and a little salt)
Almond Butter

Olive Oil
Coconut Oil

Cottage Cheese
Plain Greek Yogurt
*We try to consume dairy in moderation

Quest Protein Bars (our favorites are Cinnamon Roll & Lemon Cream Pie or you can get a variety box so you can try all the flavors!)
Spice Rack
Unsweetened Almond Milk
Unsweetened Rice Milk
Chia Seeds *read more about chia seeds here
Ground Flax Seed
Apple Cider Vinegar
Liquid Aminos (in place of soy sauce)
Coconut Aminos (in place of soy sauce)
Pure Vanilla Extract


Stevia in the Raw
Honey (look locally for this, within a 30 mile radius - it will help with allergies)
Applesauce (no sugar added)

Multivitamin *read more about supplements here
Fish Oil
Whey Protein Powder (Chocolate & Vanilla) *read more about protein powder here
Veggie Protein Powder (Vega & SunWarrior)

****We also always buy a very large assortment of fruits and vegetables.

Learn what you need to purchase organic and what you can skip!

The Clean Fifteen
The Dirty Dozen
What Does Your Produce Sticker Mean?

These are our previous shopping lists:
Specialty Stores
Online Retailers

Check out our "Gear" page for food storage ideas!

Going on a Road Trip?
Need ideas for Clean Food to take to your Office?

Happy Shopping!

- Scott & Whitney

*Please note that Xylitol can be toxic to animals so keep this ingredient away from your pets.


  1. Now day by day what did you make and eat with these groceries. Breakdown meals and snacks and shakes time table, please. Thx Lisa

    1. Hi! You can find that information on our "The Lifestyle" Tab - feel free to take a look!

    2. Also, the book listed at the top of the post has meal ideas, meal times, etc.

  2. I see that you guys do in take sugar with your shopping husband and I have been trying a no sugar challenge, but I have found since I started I get dizzy and shaky. I eat clean and workout for 1.5-2 hrs a day. Is it really necessary for me to cut out sugars completely? I am no longer in a weight loss phase, just trying to build muscle and tighten everything. I eat 3-4 servings of fruit a day so I do get those sugars but I have cut out all others.

    1. Hi Kasey! It's a personal choice, but sugars that are unprocessed, like sucanet or demerara sugar can actually be good for your muscles. Just make sure it's in moderation!

    2. Thank you for the advice! Thinking I will add a little back in my diet. I am not a huge sugar person to begin with but not sure I want to completely cut it out!

  3. YES!!!! Please break down what you use the food for as in meals and snacks. I NEED to be spoon fed on all this or I won't be able to stick to it like I REALLY want to. THANKS :)

    1. Hi! You can find that information on our "The Lifestyle" Tab - feel free to take a look!

    2. Also, the book listed at the top of the post has meal ideas, meal times, etc. It is a great resource to have!

  4. In another post on this website, you said that you drink Almond Breeze, but how can you classify that as "clean"? I've been looking for a clean almond milk and have yet to find one. Here are the ingredients for Almond Breeze's unsweetened vanilla almond milk, definitely not "clean" - INGREDIENTS: ALMONDMILK (FILTERED WATER, ALMONDS), CALCIUM CARBONATE, NATURAL VANILLA FLAVOR WITH OTHER NATURAL FLAVORS, SEA SALT, POTASSIUM CITRATE, CARRAGEENAN, SUNFLOWER LECITHIN, VITAMIN A PALMITATE, VITAMIN D2 AND D-ALPHA-TOCOPHEROL (NATURAL VITAMIN E).

    1. I drink almond milk, too. I get that the ingredients are not 100% clean, but they are close. Sometimes it is hard to be perfect without giving up everything. I would much rather have the Almond Breeze than go back to cow's milk.

    2. I agree with Joy. The ingredients aren't perfect, but they also aren't artificial or synthetic. It's a healthier option than cow's milk.

    3. The ingredients added to the processing of Almond Breeze are natural and should not be considered "unclean". You shouldn't avoid it just because it has a few extra ingredients added to it.

      If you have a good blender and some simple kitchen tools, you can make your own if you are unwilling to consume the natural ingredients added to almond milk.

      Here is a good recipe for homemade almond milk:


    4. I made a litre of almond milk today using 120g raw almonds soaked in filtered water overnight, drained rinsed and added to a blender with 1 litre of filtered water and processed in a high speed blender for about 1-1.5 minutes. Easy and WAY cheaper than buying it from the supermarket (here at least...)

  5. Hi there!

    I saw that you have Veggie Protein Powder on your list and was just curious as to why you choose this over Hemp Protein Powder, which is what I use.


    1. Hi Tiffany - the veggie protein we use contains hemp protein. We mostly use the MRM Veggie Protein.


  6. what about just plain brown rice as a carb choice

  7. Are Quest protein bars considered Clean?

  8. How much can I expect to spend per month on groceries to eat clean? I realize it will vary, but a ballpark?

  9. Do you have any other suggestions for a quick grab protein bar that may be less in price than quest bars? Thanks!

  10. My favourite whey protein for training and losing weight, is Whey Protein Singapore. Great for overall fitness as well as slimming down!

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