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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post Holiday Workout Circuit


Feeling a little sluggish from those Christmas cookies and Hanukkah treats? Not to worry! This fabulous circuit will get that blood pumping and burns approximately 10 calories per minute (Yes - I just said 10 calories per minute! That's more than running!).

Post Holiday Workout Circuit

- Upright Row (with bands - you choose resistance) - 15-20 reps
- Double Walking Lunges - 10 each leg

Repeat Exercise Circuit 3 times
Spider Crawls (down and back) - 10 each way
Push Ups - As many as you can do to failure
Burpees (without pushups) - 10 reps
Squats (body weight) - 30 seconds
Frog Jumps - 10 forward/10 back
Bear Crawl - 10 each way
Repeat Exercise Circuit 2 times
Crunches - 30 (first time), 15 (second time)
Reverse Crunches - 15 (first time), 10 (second time)
Flutter Kicks - 20 seconds

Have Fun!
- Tiffany & Whitney


  1. Are flutter kicks where you suspend your legs in the air and kick?!

    1. Hi Annamary! Yes, that is correct!

      This website has a good description:

      I hopes that helps!

  2. What is a spider & bear crawl? This looks like it would be a good afternoon workout I could have my little ones play along and do with me.


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