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Monday, December 24, 2012

Iceland Health Omega-3 Supplement Review

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One of our advertisers, Iceland Health contacted Jim and I about doing a review of their products on the blog so that our readers could understand just how awesome and important their products are! Their environmentally friendly Omega-3 products are of the highest quality, made from only deep cold water anchovy which packs some of the most DHA and EPA available.

Omega-3s and DHA are essential and crucial for optimal joint health, especially as you continue on your fitness and clean eating journey.

The benefits of Omega-3s are:
1. Heart Health - Omega-3s help promote and maintain normal triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
2. Brain Function - DHA is highly concentrated and abundant in the brain, and improves cognitive clarity, learning and memory.
3. Joint Relief and Comfort - 50% of DHA is in the muscles and connective tissues, while Omega-3s bave shown to increase mobility, and reduce joint stiffness and discomfort.
4. Bone Health - Omega-3s help support bone density, providing protection from osteoporosis.
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In addition, Omega-3s can help improve eye health and mood, decrease inflammation, maintain a healthy immune system and promote healthy hair, skin and nails.

Jim and I have both had the opportunity to take the Omega-3s that Iceland Health sent to us. Unlike other Omega-3s we have taken in the past, Iceland Health's are odorless - a HUGE benefit to the other "stinky" supplements out there by other manufacturers. Also, there's only one pill to have to swallow, unlike the two or three we are used to swallowing down. Since we are pretty "in tune" with our bodies, we could actually "feel" the supplements assimilating into our bodies and noticed a difference within only a few days of beginning the supplements.

Learn more about Iceland Health and their 100% satisfaction guarantee at

- Tiffany & Jim


  1. Really omega 3 may help you to promote healthy heart and joint health. Thanks for your healthy support.


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