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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The 10 Minute "Wake Up" Workout


We are all about maximizing our time - especially since all four of us hold down full-time jobs, eat clean (yeah - that's a lot of prep), workout, manage the blog and try to have a life! That being said, we came up with a quick workout that you can do when you wake up in the morning to get your juices flowing and energized for the day. Don't let it be your only workout - use it for extra energy to get you through your day!

Essentially, here's the workout not in photo form:

The 10 Minute "Wake Up" Workout

30 sec sumo squats
30 sec pop squats

30 sec high knees
30 sec pop squats

30 sec push ups
30 sec mtn climbers

30 sec squat jumps
30 sec jump lunges

Complete total circuit 2 times. After completeing the second round end with a 2 minute stretch.

Not sure how to do a "pop squat?" Check out these instructions from Livestrong.

- Tiffany and the Gang


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