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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Shred :: Upper Legs & Backside Routine for Her


You've been asking and we have been listening! Whitney and I do this routine once a week, for three weeks, followed by a fast-hitting legs circuit once a week (more to come on that legs circuit at a later date). This isn't our only upper legs and backside muscle-building routine, but it's one of our favorites - we wanted to share it with you!

Please Note: Before beginning routine, please ensure you are healthy enough to perform such exercises. Also, please adjust weight according to your own fitness levels. Weight suggestions are merely guidelines (we tend to lift additional weight varying with our skill level and intensity). Machine Assisted merely means that we advocate using a machine for this exercise vs. free weights.

Upper Leg & Backside Routine for Her

Warmup: 5 Minute Treadmill Brisk Walk - 4.0-4.3 MPH

Smith-Machine Assisted Squats
20x - No weight warm up
15x - 20lbs ea side (40 lbs total)
12x - 40lbs ea side (80 lbs total)
10x - 60lbs ea side (120 lbs total)
8x - 70 lbs ea side (140 lbs total)

Machine Assisted Prone (Lying) Leg Curls
12x - 75 lbs
10x - 80 lbs
8x -  85 lbs

Machine Assisted Leg Extensions
12x - 85 lbs
10x - 90 lbs
8x -  95 lbs

Walking Lunges with Dumbells
20x (10 ea leg) - 15-20 lbs dumbells ea arm
Repeat 2 additional times

Step Ups with Dumbells
(Use a tall bench or a Step with 6-7 risers on each side)
30x (15 ea leg) - 20-25 lbs dumbells ea arm
Repeat 2 additional times

Leg Press
(This exercise is fully realized on a free-weight sled vs. a machine)
10x - 60 lbs ea side (120 lbs total)
8x -  70-80 lbs ea side (140-160 lbs total)

There it is ladies! Remember, adapt this to your own personal strengths, fitness level and needs. Make sure that you vary the routine as well atleast every 4-5 times you do it to keep your body guessing.

Check out this leg routine too!

- Tiffany & Whitney (and the Boys too!)


  1. Do you recommend a workout book??Maybe one with pictures!! I see that the gym's in the USA are very different to the ones here in Germany. You can do more "freestyle" stuff and here it's more about the classes like boxing/yoga etc. and doing the cardio.

    1. Hi Verena! Oxygen is a great magazine to subscribe to (you can find it in our "fit finds" section above). A great book to start with is "The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Sexier, Healthier YOU!" (by Adam Campbell) which you can purchase on Amazon. Good luck!

  2. Your workout tips seem very effective. Can you share any video or site that contain more information on workout.

  3. I'm no stranger to the gym and I love your site! I started a few months ago lifting and I have seen great results in strength gain. Now the scale is a different story I have not seen much weight loss at all. I lift 4-5 days a week and do HIIT cardio 3 days a week. Do I need to do more cardio? Also I'm right with you girls on the weight used in your workouts except for this leg workout! On the smith machine I only can do up to 30-35 lbs on each side. Did it take you awhile to build to the 40 and 60 on each side? Seems like it takes everything out of me to do 3 sets of 10 assisted, then I do 3 x 10 one leg squats(kinda like a lunge with one foot on a bench),3x10 no assisted squats,leg press with 135lbs on each side,leg extensions,leg curls,calf raises seated and standing. I am very sore for days later but I want to squat more any ideas?

    1. Muscle weighs more that fat. Much more. My suggestion is to throw away the scale. All it will do is drive you crazy. Trust me. I started lifting and exercising a few years ago and I was getting frusterated because I was not seeing much of a difference on the scale, so I stopped using it. I have gained a lot of muscle, and lost a lot of fat since then. The other day I stepped on the scale just because and the number hadn't changed. I was amazed. I look and feel way better than I used to.

  4. Just a thought - at my gym just the bar on the Smith machine weighs 20# - if you add a 20 # plate on each side you will get 60# total. Not sure if maybe your machine is different! Thanks for the workout ideas! Michele


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