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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why it's OK to Fail


Over the past few weeks, I have received several phone calls and emails from readers and friends who have either fallen off the wagon or are doubting themselves. I wish that I could tell them and you that there is some magical formula to reach your goals, whether it's fitness goals, work goals or life goals. But, there is NOT.

Let's talk nutrition right now...
The way our bodies respond to different foods and different exercises is trial and error. It is imperative that you try something and stick with it for more than a week! You may see quick changes in your body within a week from a change in diet, but for real change to occur, it takes a little time. If you begin to plateau 2-3 weeks later, no worries. It's OK to fail! Think of yourself as a science experiment - you don't always get the outcome you are expecting on the first try. It takes constant refining to produce the results that you want. As our bodies age and respond to stimuli within nature, stress and family situations, you will need to adapt by changing your diet to suit your altered lifestyle.

Let's talk workout routine right now...
Ok... so it seems right that what we always do, what our bodies are used to, won't work forever, right? Well then why do so many of us fall in a rut of only doing certain exercises, only certain cardio machines? Perhaps, because it is comfortable... we know what we are doing and it doesn't make us sore afterward. If I can't say it enough, CHANGE IT UP!! You will NOT be a failure if you change up your exercises and feel like a fool doing them because they are awkward or you are unsure of proper form. Ask a trainer to help you with proper form - 9 times out of 10, they will help without charging you or pressuring you to sign a contract with them.  (Just don't ask them for a workout plan and expect them to do this for free.) It takes change in your workout routine to "trick" your body and produce positive results. Update: Try one of our workout plans here.

There's my pep talk for today! Don't be afraid to fail! If something doesn't produce the result you want the first time, you can only refine it and try again! This is not failure! It's simply finding a way NOT to do something.

When you just can't get it together read this.

Good luck!


  1. Is there a way to find a buddy on your site? I find it helps me to stay focused when I'm collaborating with someone who is on the same journey. Thanks in advance for your help.



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