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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Save Money on Clean Eat Pantry Staples

Let's face it, there's a tradeoff that you make when you follow a clean eating lifestyle. You trade the high costs of medical bills for the slight increase in your weekly/monthly grocery bill. A $10-20 spike in my bill to purchase whole, fresh foods is worth it than to spend $30 on a copay to see a doctor and an additional $20 in medications each month!

Just because you understand your new lifestyle may cost a little more doesn't mean that you have to settle for paying high grocery store prices! Here are a few tips to get you saving money on your grocery bill without even having to leave your house (saves on gas too!).

Amazon Prime - Have you heard about this service? It's an annual fee of $99, but it provides you with FREE, 2-day shipping on all Prime-Eligible (just make sure this option is checked when you are searching for items) purchases - most of the time, you will receive your item next day at no additional charge. Prime also includes FREE instant streaming of movies and TV shows, as well as 1 FREE Kindle book to "borrow" each month.  You can get a one-month trial for FREE if you haven't had the service before!

$99 a little steep? No problem! Split the service with friend or two! Amazon also allows you to link multiple accounts to your Prime membership, with multiple addresses for shipping.

Now that you have that info, here are the items we save on each week/month:

Know what you really need. I am not intolerant to gluten, so for me, I don't need to buy gluten-free oat flour; however, my grocer only has this type available and I end us buying it out of necessity.
Amazon Price - $11.14/4 bags = $2.79 ea
        Or, use Amazon's subscribe and save feature and buy 4 bags for $10.58 = $2.65 ea
Kroger Price (Gluten Free) - $5.49 ea
Amazon's Price for Gluten Free (Auto Ship) - $ 21.01/4 = $5.25 ea

Amazon Price - $36/4 bags = $9 ea
        Or, use Amazon's subscribe and save feature and buy 4 bags for $34.20 = $8.55 ea
Kroger Price - $9.99 ea

Amazon Price - $16.47/2 = $8.24 ea
        Or, use Amazon's subscribe and save feature and buy 2 containers for $15.65 = $7.83 ea
Kroger Price - $8.79 ea

Amazon Price - $11.23/3 = $3.74 ea
        Or, use Amazon's subscribe and save feature and buy 3 containers for $10.67 = $3.55 ea
Kroger Price - $4.29 ea

You name it, you can probably find it on Amazon. With the Prime account, it's not worth it NOT to take advantage of the savings that you can garner with making online purchases work for you!

What do you buy online that saves you money at the grocery store?

Here is our "Online Retailers" shopping list.



  1. Thanks for the advertisement! How much is Amazon paying you?

    1. Thank you "Anonymous" - We actually have our shopping lists on this blog for many different stores (not just Amazon). We order a lot of things on Amazon to save time and money (some items we cannot find in the store). A lot of people have already found this helpful...we apologize that you did not.

    2. I really dont understand why rude people take the time out of their day to not only come to this page, but read it, AND leave a rude comment for no reason? Must not have much of a life in my opinion.

    3. Our thoughts exactly Ashley! It is so frustrating, especially when they do it "anonymously". ;-)

    4. I can only imagine! All 4 of you always handle it so well and mature though.. online arleast ;)

  2. Wish we could get that in Canada!

  3. I love using my Amazon Prime!! You really can buy almost anything! I didn't realize that the Red Mill flours are cheaper on there or that Amazon sold organic vanilla. Thanks for posting this! I love you guys and all your tips!

  4. Just bought MRM protein powder last week using Prime and received it in 2 days!

  5. I buy chia seeds, coconut oil, and diapers regularly from Amazon prime. They have all of those items cheaper than I have found in any store.

  6. As a mom, working full-time, Amazon Price is a lifesaver. I hardly ever go to the store. I buy vitamins, clothes, shoes. I did all the Christmas shopping on Amazon last year. No lines, no rude people, only fast reliable service. This post is ironic actually, seeing as I went to the local health food market and hubby had a fit. Next time, I'll just hide it. ;)

  7. I love eating clean and I love saving money. I've never ordered food off amazon so I found this extremely helpful...but then again, I'm not a hater so that makes things easier.
    Thanks for the posts!

  8. You have an awesome website... Will be reading everything I can on here! Thanks!

  9. Found this link while searching Google, thanks


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