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Monday, September 10, 2012

Motivational Monday :: NO Excuses!


The quote in the photo above sums up our trip to the Rocky Mountains.  Scott and I just got back from a hiking trip there.  As we were hiking Monday, there was a man who was hiking with a cane and he had two people helping him (I assume they were his children).  He wasn't that old but you could tell that something was wrong (maybe his back).  I overheard his daughter ask him if he was okay, and he said "Yes! Of course, no need to stop, I'm doing just fine".  Then they stepped out of the way to let some people go around and he said "Oh, we are just stopping to cool off a bit" (he was joking - it was 43 degrees outside).  This literally brought tears to my is a man who has EVERY EXCUSE in the world to sit at home but he was outside, enjoying nature, exercising, has he was SO HAPPY.

This also reminded me of a man we encountered last year while backpacking in Boone, NC.  He was 80 years old hiking up a trail considered "strenuous".  He chatted with us for a few minutes and told us that he hiked this trail every Saturday before making his weekly trip to the grocery store.

These two men ARE AMAZING. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE. Whatever excuse you THOUGHT you had is invalid. If these men can exercise SO CAN YOU.

IF YOU CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself...stop making EXCUSES - JUST DO WHAT IT TAKES!  Live a happy, healthy life!

No excuses this week!  Eat Clean and Work Hard!

Have a great week!

- Whitney


  1. I love this! My husband and I did a lot if hiking through Yellowstone last weekend and I too was very inspired by so many elderly people out on "strenuous" trails just living there lives to the fullest! Thank you

  2. I thought this was a great story and a great point! I like hearing how others notice these things and think about them so deeply and u r spot on in this story about having no excuses! My grandmother has been one of my biggest inspirations just for the reasons that you mention in your story. She has lived with me most of my life with my mom and I. It is difficult at times with 3 generations of women in the house but wow such a learning opportunity. I have appreciated it so much more as I got older. Anyway you r so right they have every excuse to quit not go on and fight on but yet they just keep on keeping on no matter what! It's amazingly powerful and inspiring! I thank god everyday for blessing me with such a wonderful woman that I can call my grandmother! Thanks for the inspiration for the week and for reminding me how much I'm blessed!


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