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Monday, August 13, 2012

Motivation Monday :: Time WELL Spent


Time Management. 

It's a word, as a nation, we spend billions of dollars discussing and researching each year. We buy planners, develop phone and computer apps to help manage our time more efficiently as we even sit through seminars and buy books on the topic. Our employers are obsessed with it. So are we.

What do you make time for each day? Is it sitting down with your family for dinner? Watching your favorite show on television? Working out? Whatever it is, you make it a priority to fit it into your schedule. I challenge you today to make your HEALTH a priority in your life. Mark it on your calendar in ink where, when and how long you will exercise, and what you will eat, including when you will prepare it. When we prepare for things, we feel less anxious and have a much greater chance of a achieving a positive outcome.

I see this ad everyday on my way into the office and I wanted to share it with you - it's pretty appalling! I'm not saying it's bad to watch TV - it's definitely a good thing to relax and rest. But, what if we channel just SOME of that extra time into bettering ourselves, our families, our communities and even our world? Imagine what you can be! Imagine what will be!

Buy a new planner, download a new app. Grasp what little time we have to make our individual lives and the lives we lead with our families better TODAY - don't wait until tomorrow!

What is your favorite time management advice?



  1. Getting Things Done has been huge for me. I fall off the GTD wagon every now and then but when I am on I do feel like the pilot of my life.

    1. I think this is where a lot of people struggle. I have to actually write down what I need to do..."mentally" checking stuff off does not work for me! Good luck!


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