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Saturday, August 4, 2012

FIT Finds :: Our Favorite Athletic Shoes


Kicks, Sneakers, Tennies, Trainers, Tennis Shoes, Athletic Shoes... all the same thing! Whatever you call it, you rely on these babies to support your feet and keep you feeling great through the most intense of workouts. Here are a few of our favorite shoes:

Reebok RealFlex Cross Training Shoes -
Mens - 9 color options, $79.39 - $99.99
Womens - 8 color options, $84.99 - $99.99
Childrens - 2 "glitter" color options, $59.99 - $69.99
These shoes are Jim and Tiffany's favorites for HIIT cardio and interval training. You definitely need to allow yourself some time to adjust to moving in shoes that have a flexible sole as they will be different and target different muscles in your body than harder, non-flexible shoes. Walking around in your home or doing a light workout in these shoes will help ease you into making the transition. An additional item to consider is that you may find it is hard to lift calves and some upper leg workouts in these shoes due to the flexible nature of the sole.

Nike Womens Air Pegasus+ 28 Running Shoes -
Womens - 4 color options, $78.90 - $115.00
These are Whitney's favorites for running and HIIT training in and out of the gym. These also work great for strength training and have a semi-flexible sold.

Nike Lady Air Max+ 2012 -
Womens - 10 color options, priced around $118.59
The ladies love these! With a harder sole, these are a great option for an all around training shoe. They are lightweight and allow your feet to breathe during intense cardio sessions, while giving you the stability and foundation you need for an effective weight training work out.

New Balance Minimus Trail Running and Cross Training Shoes -
Mens - 6 color options, $99.95
Womens - 6 color options, including a multi-colored sole!, $99.95
Childrens - 5 color options suitable for boys and girls, $37.97 - $59.95
Try Scott's shoes on for size! Like to train outside? No problem! With these shoes, you will be cranking up the cardio and hitting the trails like a pure champ! The offer a minimalist shoe with a more traditional look - they even have the Vibram sole!

What are your favorite shoes?

Note: These are only suggestions! There are so many shoes out there and with individual foot care needs and preferences, we can't suggest a shoe for everyone. These are just ones that we have used and LOVE! Which ever shoes you choose, try them on and get a good feel for them before you commit to a shoe! Your feet will thank you.


  1. I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you are interested in participating you can access the link here:

  2. i love the realflex for HIIT and i wear flat cons for weightlifting after i read you should have a flat shoe or even barefoot when weightlifting i love the converse for weightlifting. my husband wears the asics wrestling shoe for weightlifting he loves those!

    1. I never thought about cons Candace! I might have to give that one a try.

  3. My favs are Asics Gels. I have two pairs and I will never own another brand of tennies!

  4. After an extensive search and long process, I finally found the Nike Lunarglide for HIIT training! Amazing!

    1. Chelsea, I have heard of those! I want to try them!

  5. These shoes look very comfortable and look like they have an amazing grip on the bottom of the shoes. They look like they are built for the elite wrestler looking for the best wrestling shoes out there.
    Wrestling Shoes


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