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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Clean Eat Education :: Clean Road Trip Food


Planning a road trip? Be prepared! Here is our list of go-to Road Trip foods that are clean and will keep the entire family happy and ready for their vacation.

- Protein Powder (Chocolate & Vanilla) *read more about protein powder here
- Quest Protein Bars (our favorites are Cinnamon Roll & Lemon Cream Pie)
- Tuna Packets or Cans
- Canned Salmon
- Canned Chicken

- Dried Fruit (no sugar added)
- Granola (try to keep sugar under 5 g per 30 g serving)
- Apples

Good Fats:
- Natural Peanut Butter (ingredients should be just peanuts or peanuts and a little salt)
- Almond Butter
- Almonds
- Walnuts
- Pistachios
- Cashews

If you have room to take a bag (FIT Finds :: Coolers and Lunch Bags) below is the food that we recommend because it travels well.

- Protein Bars (All of the recipes for protein bars that we have travel well, just beware: they MUST stay refrigerated or on ice or they WILL spoil!)

Prepackaged Foods:
- Greek Yogurt
- Boiled Eggs

Have Fun & Be Safe!

- The Gang


  1. Me and my husband just spent over twenty four hours in the car in the last three days, and I'm so glad that I found this post before we left! I was horrified at the idea of eating chips or candy during the drive - we also felt less "car sick" and tired! Thanks :)

  2. I'm confused about the Quest Protein Bars. I just bought some of the Apple Pie and PB&J flavoured ones, and the last ingrediant on each is sucralose. I know this isn't a clean food. Do some of the Quest bars have it, and some don't?

  3. They have a line of 100% natural bars that use stevia and a line that is 99.95% natural that uses sucralose. I just googled quest bars and their website shows the nutritional panels and which bars are in which line. Hope that helps! Crystal.

  4. We went to a road trip last weekend using our new car from ford dealer long island ny. We had fun the whole trip and we followed your tips!

    1. Awesome! We are so glad to hear that Sophie! Thanks for following our blog!

  5. I'm going on a road trip this weekend and will definitely be bringing along a lot of your suggestions! What flavors do you recommend for Quest bars?

    1. Hi Lennie! I love the lemon and cinnamon roll but honestly I haven't had one that I didn't like! :-)

  6. Hello! Thanks for the tips!! I know this post is rather old, but I wanted to point out that your Monster Meatloaf link leads to the same one as the Italian Chicken. I found it just fine, and I'm sure everyone else did, which is why no one's said anything, but I just can't mind my own business >.<

    1. Thank you for letting us know Erin! I just updated the link! :-)


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