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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

FIT Finds :: Coolers and Lunch Bags


For those of us who work most of the day, and even those of us on the go chasing little ones around, finding a suitable carrying case for your clean prepped foods can be a pain! I can't tell you how many bags we have gone through in our household: we think one will fit enough clean eats and then it either doesn't measure up or it simply falls apart after a month or two.

It may sound silly, but having a bag that will actually hold all of the good food you have cooked for yourself on your prep day will really make eating clean THAT much easier! Here are a few of our favorite coolers and bags for toting around our daily food:

Designed specifically for fitness enthusiasts and  professionals concerned about eating clean on the go:

Six Pack Bags - Available in 5-meal (if you will be gone ALL day) or 3-meal sizes (Also comes in PINK!!!) The Six Pack bags are different than your normal cooler - they come with specially sized storage containers, 2 ice packs, storage for your protein shakers and water bottles, and a compartmentalized top portion for supplements and protein bars. Prices range from $99 (for 5-meal) to $57 (for 3-meal).  Use code EATCLEAN for a discount.

Want a more modern look to cart your food around? No problem! Check out these functional beauties...

1. Sachi Insulated Fashion Lunch Tote, Brown Leopard - This baby is discrete! It looks just like your purse hanging on your arm or sitting by your desk, but at 13.8" x 5.5" x 9", it has enough room to hold two to three meals depending how you pack them! Pick this gem up in 5 colors, starting at $23.99
2. Rachael Ray Jumbo Chill Out Thermal Tote - Now this may look more like a cooler, but it comes in 3 colors and is super cute and VERY roomy! It's total dimensions are 22" x 8" x 17.2." You could easily fit 3 meals in this one! Each color starts at $24.99.
3. Koko Michelle Large Insulated Fashion Lunch Bag - Perhaps you are running errands and only need to keep one of your meals cold? No problem! You could easily transport your meal and a credit card and keys in this cute little cooler purse.  Starts at $22.26.

What's your favorite?


  1. So crazy you guys did this now, I was just thinking of how I'm going to pack my food for an up coming flight. I am really dig'n the look of that leopard bag. Have you done any flying where you brought your food with you? How did that go? Were there restrictions or anything?

    1. I bring food when I fly, but unfortunately, I really only bring one or two cold meals and mainly packets of tuna and protein powder.

      If you do bring food, make sure that it doesn't have excessive liquid (drain the salsa chicken if you take that) since they do not allow liquids through security.

  2. I love them all!! Hello Christmas presents for teachers and trainers!

    1. That's a great idea Rachel! They would make great gifts.


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