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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SHE Sweats :: Body Sculptor Pure Energy Class

Image Property of Body Sculptor Inc and Spa Camp Atlanta

I was pumped... I planned for several weeks to attend the Body Sculptor (yes, the gym of the ONE and ONLY Dolvett from the NBC's The Biggest Loser) class, Pure Energy. Well... I'm super glad I was pumped - it was an AMAZING workout! I needed that little extra push to get me through.

Although the class was not taught by Dolvett himself, the energy of the trainers is upbeat and motivational at Body Sculptor. The music? Well, the Pure Energy class has a live DJ who really anticipates the needs of the room and keeps it going even when you aren't going! It was truly unlike any class that I have ever attended.

What Should I Expect?
Get ready for ropes, treadmills (or "shedmills" I should say!) with no power to which you will operate forward and backward, pull ups, tire and mallet hitting and some insane functional training. The class starts out with uphill sprints, stretching and interval training reminiscent of the Beach Body, Insanity workouts.

Things You May Want to Know: 
Remember to bring your water - maybe even two bottles! They have towels there, so make sure you pick one up and the gym is equipped with lockers (no specific locker rooms) and two stand alone showers (in the bathroom units).

Final Thoughts:
Ultimately, I burned over 600 calories and loved every minute, although I will admit I had to stop several times mainly due to the peanut butter that I had for breakfast that morning (BAD idea!).  I will definitely be going back to this class!

Happy Shedding (of Fat that is)!


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