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Monday, April 2, 2012

Motivational Mondays :: Don't Be Scared!


I have to admit...I'm a little scared to start working with a personal trainer this week.  So in order to motivate myself (and you of course) check out these gems from Pinterest.  Be sure to follow us on Pinterest!

Source: via He & She on Pinterest

Give it all you've got.  Keep your meals clean & make time to hit the gym!  Start your week off right!  NO EXCUSES!

- Whitney


  1. I discovered last night that I can now do 4 completely unassisted chin ups! This was very exciting to me. Although small potatoes to some, before I started this I could do none. I am hoping by the end of the 12 weeks to be able to do 10! This is my new goal that I have added to the list!

    1. Rebecca, that is AWESOME! This inspires me to see how many I can do! I'm really excited for you & that is not small potatoes - that's HUGE! Congrats & let us know how many you are able to do at the end of the 12 weeks! Good luck & thanks for "stopping" by! Be sure to follow us on Facebook!


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