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Monday, April 16, 2012

Motivational Monday :: Be FIT!

Here is your weekly Pinterest inspiration!  Enjoy!

I LOVE it when these pop up each month on Pinterest!

Source: via He and She on Pinterest

Give it all you've got.  Keep your meals clean & make time to hit the gym!  Start your week off right!  NO EXCUSES!
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- Whitney


  1. I thoroughly needed this today! Dealing with a sick kiddo at home and the idea of working out makes me feel exhausted. Every little bit counts!

    1. Christie we are so excited that this helped you today! Although Whitney and I run the blog together, we don't always know when each person is going to post and this totally helped me through a long workout. You got this!

  2. SO needed this today. My friends and I are doing Tosca'a Detox this week. Day two of liquids and I'm ready to pig out. Tomorrow we get to add in veggies, fruit and brown rice. I don't remember a time I have ever been more excited about brow rice! At least the workout this morning was do-able. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

    1. Thank you for commenting! I am going to be doing a detox in May & I am NOT looking forward to it either! Hang in there - you can do it! ;-)


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