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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Have you checked out the Spartan Race?


This post brought to you by Spartan Race. All opinions are 100% mine.
Whitney and I have been signing up for races left and right - I don't know why, neither one of us are runners - we like to lift! Nonetheless, we are pumped to get out in this beautiful Georgia sunshine and get a little sweaty to stay healthy! After all, who can resist an obstacle course complete with fire, barbed wire, water, and OH YEAH! some mud? I've had my eye on the Spartan Race for sometime now, and I have psyched myself (and Whitney, I hope!) up to do it next March when it's back in Atlanta.  You don't have to wait though - they have 15 more US races this year, a handful in the UK and in Canada, and 5 more scheduled next year - it's YOUR year too baby!
The Spartan Race has four types of events, Spartan Sprints (3+ miles), Spartan Super (8+ miles), Spartan Beast (10+ miles), and Spartan Death Race (a 48-hour race - AHHH!!). (Based off of my statements above, you can guess which one I will be signing us up for!) Don't be fooled - they have thought of everything. This is something you can do with your kids! At US races, a portion of the course, at a different time than the actual race, of course, is open to children ages 4-13. This would be an adorable race to enter your children in - they would love it!
Not sure you are up for the challenge? Neither are we... that's why we will be following the 45 day couch to finish line program that the Spartan Race offers. Each day, they send you a workout outlining your "challenges" for the day to prepare you specifically for the race, a weekly newsletter to keep you pumped and they dial you in to some awesome blogs so you can train with someone instead of on your own. They have even created a handy FAQ section - for frequently asked questions and answers check out:
What do you say? Are you going to join me and Whitney? Have you done one already? We would love to hear about it if you have!
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  1. I really want to do a Spartan Race. I might just have to join you.

    1. Sounds fun! I always wanted to do some sort of obstacle course style race. I may have to join you girls!!

    2. Would love to have both of you join us!! I will get a team together and let you know. Their teams are a little different - you try to get as many as you can to register at full price under your team name but after the race, they send you a rebate based on the # of people you have. Keep watching the blog - I will let you know when the team is registered!

  2. My boyfriend and I did a Spartan Race this past fall and had such a blast! We are eager to sign up again!!


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