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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Product Review :: SweatyBands!


FINALLY!! It's here! An adorable accessory that is as functional as it is cute!

I stumbled across SweatyBands on the web while I was in search of fabric headbands for the gym and teaching aerobics classes that don't slip - I am so tired of the national brand ones saying they have extra non-slip grip stuff and then 15 minutes into my class... it's three-quarters of the way off of my head!

logo property of SweatyBands

Not any more!! Thanks to Donna and her ingenious little headband (that's available in a bilizillion different color, themes and even sorority themes) I no longer have to worry about that! I have to admit, when I saw motto "OMG... they don't slip!," I was a little skeptical. However, after teaching an hour long Zumba class, where we are jumping, dancing, salsa-ing and shaking it for all 60 minutes, it NEVER ONCE moved from the original place I left it!

These little puppies are $15/band or you can buy the 6-pack of the month for $84.16. As I mentioned earlier, if you couldn't find a color you liked... you have a problem! (Just kidding!) If you really can't find one that you want or just looking for something unique for your gym or crossfit outlet, they make custom SweatyBands! I'm not sure about the minimums for customs, but these certainly rock!

Click on the link on the link - SweatyBands and enter coupon code: buy-now to save 5% on your next order! You won't be disappointed!

What is your favorite color?

Happy Sweating,


  1. The Sweaty Bands are AWESOME! I had never seen them before, but I stumbled upon their display at the Dallas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Expo. I bought 2 just to try them out. They DO NOT slip at all. In fact, I'm wearing one right now. I will definitely buy more. Thanks for the info on the 5% discount.

    1. Hi Sherra! Thanks for "stopping" by! Hope you enjoy your 5% discount (we love a good deal)! Be sure to follow us on Facebook!


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